Intensive Hippoterapy Program


By providing a warm and supportive environment, we help children and their families achieve their goals and dreams through activities and therapies with horses.

Is an intensive 10-day program, - 3 hours day - it features one-on-one horse sessions with a trained therapist, individualized for each child’s needs plus gym activities to reinforce and enhance the arena sessions. The therapy team reviews each application thoroughly to recommend a program based on safety as well as the abilities, medical condition and size of the participant. Therapy sessions are individualized to meet each participant’s individual needs and strengths. 

The relationship developed throughout the 5 days with the horses can provide increased self-esteem, increased attention, increased commitment to and trust of others, and increased motivation to continue attempting new tasks




The 10-Day Program is offered all year round.

  • Participant works and plays one-on-one with a horse and therapist.
  • Activities are based on individual needs and abilities, so each participant’s therapy session differs.
  • Activities range from hands-on interactions with the horse from the ground, to in-arena interactions with the horse.
  • The horse provides unconditional acceptance of the participant which may stimulate him or her to attempt new things.

FTAC can assist families in finding hotel accommodations at special rates in Barcelona area and A Horse Time-Out trip to Fundació Terapia a Cavall is more than therapy and fun for the child with special needs. 

It’s a wonderful restorative experience for the entire family. Siblings and parents also have the opportunity for horse experiences, and are included in classroom sessions. 

L’Ametlla del Valles and the rest of the Valles Oriental present a variety of activities that the entire family can enjoy. Take a Ballon ride in Olot, Hot Spring in La Garriga, visiting Barcelona, shopping in Barcelona or swim in Mataro Beach. The staff at  FTAC  helps find the perfect activities for families, as well as accommodations that suit specific needs. Enjoyment for the entire family!



“For me, this was an opportunity to stop and take a look at my family. 

I’ve been caught up in a lot of things since our child was diagnosed with a brain tumor and this week allowed us to have some special time together.

One revelation for me was how we (everyone in our family) is hurting because of our child’s illness. 

This time away from our routine provided us all with a real break”